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SEAT Cupra R - Simply Awesome!

The Mk3 SEAT Leon Cupra R is a rare beast indeed and if you find one, simply buy it. Buy it and then bring it to us! The SEAT Cupra R is basically a Golf 7R in but without the price tag. It is also lighter therefore goes faster than a Golf 7R standard form. Fastlane Tuning Schweiz recently had the privilege to upgrade one of the rarest Cupra R models - the ST in limited numbers and the result after chiptuning was fantastic! Just like the Golf R there is a lot of potential hidden in these motors just waiting to be released. In standard form these vehicles have the following characteristics:: Engine capacity: 1984 cc Engine code: CJXC Inline 4 cylinder turbocharged Fuel type: Petrol Hybrid drive?: not yet Number of Gears: 7-speed DSG - front wheel drive Standard power: 310 PS Standard torque: 380 Nm Standard 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.9 seconds Top speed: 250 km/h Through individual software optimization and programming directly to the engines control unit, Fastlane Tuning Schweiz can offer the following improvements: Optimized power: 360 PS (+50 PS) Optimized torque: 470 Nm (+110 Nm) Optimized 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.2 seconds Top speed: 280 km/h (+30 km/h) The result after our professional software optimization is great. The additional 110 Nm of torque delivered to such a small bodied car results in the ability to shred tyres at will. The traction control really struggles to keep order. As always, our software is individually programmed to match your vehicle and our upgrades are designed to last. At stage 1 no hardware changes are made and this ensures your vehicle remains emissions and noise regulations compliant. To find out more about price and relative performance gains please visit our configurator page or contact us (information below). We are always happy to answer any questions.