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Professional - Accurate - Real World Performance Measurement

Finally a realistically priced and technically accurate device is available on the market that enables Fastlane Tuning Schweiz to offer its customers an accurate assessment of their vehicles performance. Whether your vehicle was already tuned by us, or your simply interested in finding out what the real world power and torque of your vehicle is, we offer this in a reliable and professional manner at a compelling price. For our customers who have already undertaken an upgrade with us, we offer a performance measurement and report for just 60 CHF. For new customers who simply want to know what their vehicle is currently producing we can offer it for just 100 CHF. We also offer this service as part of the Stage 1 upgrade for just 50 CHF. This is to cover the time it takes to undertake the testing and gives you an accurate baseline and post upgrade performance assessment. We only wish we could have offered it sooner. Some reasons why you should consider having a road based power measurement undertaken: 1. It reflects the real conditions under which your vehicle will operate. 2. No issues with under or over reading on static dynanometers. 3. No possibility of 'interpretation of the results' through adjustment of the correction factors. 4. No disappointing results due to a lack of air starvation that is common amongst inline 5 cylinder engines. 5. No messing around with activating and deactivating dyno mode. 6. No risk of overheating or undue stress on the engine or drive train. For a long time, road based dynometer systems have been a little inaccurate and relied heavily on the input data provided. The factors that go into a correct assessment are as follows: 1. Vehicle weight 2. Amount of fuel in the vehicle tank 3. Driver weight 4. Passenger weight (if any) 5. Temperature 6. Altitude 7. Barometric pressure 8. Road surface 9. Tyre condition and size 10. Tyre type (winter tyres can impact the result if not properly accounted for) 11. Technical proficiency of the tester. With the new DynoRoad system from Magic Motorsport, the number of avenues for 'interpretation' (ie manipulation) of the results are limited and thus the assessment is fair and reliable. In other words it leaves the ego and the desires of the operator / customer behind and provides an impartial and professional assessment of the real world power of your vehicle. Fastlane Tuning Schweiz - professional - safe - reliable - realistic