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Mercedes Benz A35 AMG - Half wild animal - half house pet

Mercedes Benz's long standing collaboration with AMG has seen them expand into a category of vehicle that is essentially half normal Mercedes Benz and half AMG thoroughbred. The latest offering in the compact luxury vehicle segment is the Mercedes Benz A 35 AMG. Featuring a nice mixture of understated and refined Mercedes Benz looks and just enough AMG aggression to make it stand out from the crowd. Customers seeking a taste of what life with an AMG is like should seriously consider the Mercedes Benz A35 AMG. In our opinion the Mercedes Benz A35 AMG is a little bit under-powered and a little too much A class, not enough A45 AMG animal. However, after we optimize it we retain the comfort and refinement of the Mercedes DNA and unleash near A45 AMG levels of performance so you get a better experience. Engine capacity: 1981 cc Engine code: Inline 4 turbocharged (M260 DE20 LA) Fuel type: Petrol Hybrid drive?: No Number of Gears: 7-speed automatic AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G Standard power: 306 PS Standard torque: 400 Nm Standard 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.7 seconds Top speed: 250 km/h Through individual software optimization and programming directly to the engines control unit, Fastlane Tuning Schweiz can offer the following improvements: Optimized power: 345 PS (+39 PS) Optimized torque: 480 Nm (+80 Nm) Optimized 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.2 seconds Top speed: 275 km/h (+25 km/h) The improvement is significant, resulting in a more responsive and torquey engine output that transforms this car into a truly enjoyable vehicle to drive - without sacrificing fuel economy, quietness or reliability. In fact its pretty close to the AMG 45 that you might question whether its actually worth buying the higher performance version at all? As always, our software is individually programmed to match your vehicle and our upgrades are designed to last. At stage 1 no hardware changes are made and this ensures your vehicle remains emissions and noise regulations compliant. To find out more about price and relative performance gains please visit our configurator page or contact us (information below). We are always happy to answer any questions.