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BMW M140i - a true wolf in sheeps clothing

Until recently, BMW have been shoving moderate capacity inline 6 cylinder engines into small and compact segment cars with great success. The ultimate recipe for automotive fun is a large engine coupled to a small / lightweight body and the higher models of BMW's F20 / F21 series 1 series cars were no exception. The last of these underestimated and understated creatures was the BMW M140i. Sold up until December 2019 it was the last of the 1 Series 6 cylinder BMW's. In Australia and the United Kingdom these models sold only in rear wheel drive, however in Europe xDrive was available which enabled a completely standard M140i XDrive to go from 0 to 100 in just 4.4 seconds. When first released that was just 0.1 sec slower than the BMW M2. 0.1 seconds is noting in the real world and when considering all wheel drive it essentially translates to a 1 Series being able to soundly out accelerate an M2. Engine capacity: 2998 cc Engine code: B58B30M0 3.0 L Inline 6 with twinscroll turbocharger Fuel type: Petrol Hybrid drive?: not yet Number of Gears: 8 Speed ZF8 steptronic transmission / 6 speed manual Standard power: 340 PS Standard torque: 500 Nm Standard 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.4 seconds Top speed: 260 km/h (electronically limited) Through individual software optimization and programming directly to the engines control unit, Fastlane Tuning Schweiz can offer the following improvements: Optimized power: 410 PS (+70 PS) Optimized torque: 580 Nm (80 Nm) Optimized 0 to 100 km/h time: 4.0 seconds Top speed: 300 km/h (+40 km/h) The improvement is significant, resulting in a more responsive and torquey engine output that transforms this car into a truly enjoyable vehicle to drive - without sacrificing fuel economy, quietness or reliability. Basically it becomes an M2 destroying beast and can easily take on faster vehicles and give them a real surprise. As always, our software is individually programmed to match your vehicle and our upgrades are designed to last. At stage 1 no hardware changes are made and this ensures your vehicle remains emissions and noise regulations compliant. To find out more about price and relative performance gains please visit our configurator page or contact us (information below). We are always happy to answer any questions.