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BMW 428i Coupe - Refinement and Poise

BMW's F Series 428i Coupe is an excellent mix between real world economy, great looks and performance. A smooth and elegant design matched to BMW's N20 or B48 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol motor means strong performance, refinement and reliability. At Fastlane Tuning Schweiz we have a lot of experience with both of these motors and can offer a nice power upgrade that truly transforms the car. In standard form the motor is under powered for the size of the vehicle, but still adequate. After our upgrades the vehicle rides and responds significantly better and shows greater agility in all conditions. When fitted with the ZF8 Automatic gearbox and xDrive, the vehicle is able to make the best use of the power increases and transmit that efficiently to the road. The result - better acceleration, similar or slightly lower fuel consumption and a higher top speed. Engine capacity: 1997 cc Engine code: N20B20 or B48B020 (later models) Fuel type: Petrol Hybrid drive?: not yet Number of Gears: 8 Speed ZF8HP transmission Standard power: 245 PS Standard torque: 350 Nm Standard 0 to 100 km/h time: 5.9 seconds Top speed: 240 km/h Through individual software optimization and programming directly to the engines control unit, Fastlane Tuning Schweiz can offer the following improvements: Optimized power: 275 PS (+30 PS) - The B48 Motor can yield slightly more - circa 285PS Optimized torque: 400 Nm (+50 Nm) - The B48 Motor yields 20 Nm at 420 Nm Optimized 0 to 100 km/h time: 5.6 seconds Top speed: 260 km/h (+20 km/h) As always, our software is individually programmed to match your vehicle and our upgrades are designed to last. At stage 1 no hardware changes are made and this ensures your vehicle remains emissions and noise regulations compliant. To find out more about price and relative performance gains please visit our configurator page or contact us (information below). We are always happy to answer any questions.