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Performance Optimization

We optimize the engine management system to safely unlock levels of performance currently limited by the manufacturer.

Fuel Economy Optimization

We program your car to minimize fuel consumption based on your usage. For example, on the highway or in the city.

Top Speed Increases

We eliminate manufacturers' limitations on top speed to take full advantage of the improved performance.

Transmission System Optimization

We program your cars transmission system to achieve better performance or economy, sometimes both.

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How It Works


Bring your vehicle to our facility in Switzerland

Upon arrival we check the make and model of your vehicle, examine it for any obvious mechanical changes or defects then confirm your requirements and expectations. We give you a time to return for your vehicle, usually a maximum of 4 hours after you hand over the keys.


Prep & Engine Management System Analysis

A good tune requires perfect preparation, so we prepare your vehicle to optimally receive its new performance parameters by ensuring the battery is fully charged, no radio or air conditioning systems are active and where necessary - creating some distance between the keyless entry system and your key. All of this is done to maximize the stability of communication with your car and minimize potential interruptions.


Analyse your vehicles state of tune

We look at your vehicles existing fuel, air, turbo pressure and ignition tables to determine the current state of tune and establish a baseline for improvements in power output and efficiency. We write a custom map file with new parameters baed on the experience of the fastlane network and prepare a new 'table'.


Gearbox & manufacturer restriction removal

During the re-tuning process we identify the restrictions placed by the manufacturer and circumvent them. For gearbox tuning we reconfigure its parameters to better match a higher power and torque level that results from chip-tuning which helps improve normal driving economy and responsiveness in sports settings.


Car Adaptation Drive

After writing the new performance or economy map to your engines control unit we undertake an adaptation drive to confirm it has accepted the new parameters and functions correctly. This drive is usually a minimum of 2km but can go for up to 10-15 km where necessary. This is to ensure the correct functioning of the ECU and all mechanical systems under the changed parameters and to make minute adjustments if necessary based on your cars specific responses.


Joint test drive of the tuned vehicle

This is the part we really enjoy: you test drive your car with the new performance or economy parameters and we watch the smile grow on your face.

Post Img

14 JAN Hidden Bandit - Nissan Juke

Joseph Power

Hidden Bandit

Introducing a new segment just for fun, we call it slouching auto - hidden bandit in a play on the classic Chinese movie crouching tiger hidden dragon. We will profile cars that are available, not expensive but when chip tuned turn into beasts that will give more expensive vehicles a good poke in the proverbial backside.. for English speakers these are called sleeper cars and I personally love them :-) The first one to be introduced is a bit of an odd duck that comes in a few variants - the Nissan Juke Nismo RS. Quite frankly its pretty stupid looking and doesn’t seem fast but with chip tuning it can be raised from 218 to 230ps (not much) but the surprise comes in the ability to release an additional 70 Nm of torque raising it from 280 to 350 Nm. With a curb weight of just 1475 kg its light and in combination with all wheel drive the additional torque will transform it into something that’s going to give other cars a bit of a run for their money. Details on tuning the car can be found here: https://www.fastlane-tuning.ch/configurator Now be warned, theres another version out there, one thats so rare your unlikely to come across it because only 23 of them were ever made. The Juke R. It has the same running gear as the 2013 Nissan GT-R but at 250kg less weight it will spank pretty much ANYTHING out there today. At 552 ps before tuning it will eat you alive.. watch out. Oh and if you have one, please bring it to me for tuning, I'll do it at cost just for the fun of the test drive afterwards !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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